Stevia and Diabetics

Discussion on carbohydrates and calories.
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Stevia and Diabetics

Post by alexcruz8ac » Mon May 31, 2010 11:01 am

Right use of sweetners in my view is very important for diabetics.Stevia has 0 calories but has actions very similar to several currently used medications. It stimulates the release of insulin and normalizes the response to glucose, especially in type 2 diabetes. Other sweetners like Aspartame or Splenda have additives in them that are very bad for your*health*and can cause various diseases.Stevia has the remarkable capability of withstanding heat and stays stable up to 200 degrees Celsius or 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This trait allows Stevia to be utilized in almost any food preparation unlike Aspartame which breaks down at over 60 degrees Celcius. This is the reason that Aspartame tablets are never used while making tea or coffee and only added after it is made since otherwise it will disintegrate into methanol, formaldehyde and formic acid. Methanol is a deadly poison while formaldehyde and formic acid are known to cause seizures, brain tumors and sudden heart attacks. I myself have been using Cid Botanicals Stevia and so far very satisfied with it. Check out at*

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Sweet news for Diabetics!

Post by the info guys » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:58 pm

  • Stevia is extracted from an herb native to South America. It is intensely sweet, and is available in a liquid extract and a powder. Either can provide adequate sweetening for a cup of tea or coffee, or a bowl of cereal.
  • Xylitol is obtained from birch trees, and essentially looks and tastes like white granulated sugar. It is NOT CALORIE FREE, but It has been found to be metabolized very slowly which means it does not give us the abrupt rises and falls we get with other sweeteners.
  • Brown rice syrup is an organic natural sweetener produced by steeping brown rice with a special enzyme preparation. The broken whole grains or brown rice are converted into a smooth-flavored and pleasantly sweet liquid extract. It is an ideal sweetener for baking and deserts. (you can find this at most health food stores)
I have type 2 diabetes and I've been using these for the last 8 months and I've noticed an great diffrence in my blood suagr levels, especially in my baking. Yes they might be a little more in price but it's worth it!

Stay away from Splenda


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Stevia and Diabetics

Post by Alikcoode » Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:58 pm

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